Our Vision

Yoga is for Everyone.



Whole Life Whole Yoga is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, yoga service organization. We accomplish our mission with the dedicated work of volunteers and with the generous donations and sponsorships. Our purpose is to make yoga accessible to those who greatly benefit from regular yoga practice, but who do not have easy access to traditional yoga classes.  As Accessible Yoga Ambassadors, we strive to make yoga accessible and inclusive regardless of one's ability.

Yoga instructors at Whole Life Whole Yoga have experience teaching Yoga to seniors, cancer patients, mental health patients, people with intellectual disability, Parkinson’s patients, veterans, and people with PTSD. Yoga helps them develop body strength and coordination. Yoga helps them increase range of motion and flexibility. It also helps them ease anxiety, and can be a tool to relax and calm the mind. Our students love the yoga session we provide, because they know they are doing something good for their mind and body. 



As yoga practitioners and instructors, let's learn and grow together in the area of accessible and adaptive yoga, and bring yoga to people who otherwise do not have easy access to regular yoga practice.

Whole Life Whole Yoga provides yoga instruction, and donates new and high quality equipment such as yoga mats and props. Our vision is made possible by work of volunteers and with fund from public donations.

Please support our effort. Your contribution will help empower people through the healing power of yoga. Thank you so much.